Video trip

Since I really really love travel videos but haven't made one before, I decided to do so with Norway trip 1.0!

Which city is known for their opera house

Hello, I've just arrived in my faaantaaastic boat, Kon-Tiki five

Hello. I've just gotten back from Norway about 15 hours ago, now that I am starting to write this (will finish later some time since now that I am back I have basic responsibilities such as go to uni, work and actually do stuff adults do). And I'm so... yeah. Well. As probably quite a lot of you know, I don't travel that much, having no means for it. But this time, for this trip, I had been preparing from... basically from April, after Aylin got us the Raske Menn tickets. While being in Norway herself for a school trip. So. Yes. Norway.

Wednesday, 21st of October

Me and Aylin were both going to Oslo on 21st of October, so Wednesday. She arrived a bit earlier, but not much, and also, my plane did as well, almost 15 minutes. It was my second time flying and it was awesome! I flew to Oslo with Norwegian airlines, and even though I didn't actually have a window seat, there was this nice Norwegian couple who told me I can sit next to the window, they slept the whole way anyway, even though we had such bad turbulence and they announced something in Norwegian, I remember thinking that "if I die, I don't even know why" :'D. But I arrived safely!

Reunited again since August!
Aylin was waiting so together we took the train to Oslo Centralstation (Oslo S) and from there she figured out how to get to the flat we had rented via airbnb (which I totally recommend). Our's was so nice, just lik 10-15 minutes by tram, in a nice and quiet area. The host guy was super nice as well, telling us what to do, how to get around etc. We put our stuff there, sat for a bit, I took a bunch of pictures (come on, we had a balcony, it rocked (not literally)!) and then went out to meet Aylin's friend Janika who is currently studying in Oslo for one semester.

We met near the National Theater and went to sit in the Espresso House, because it was nice and if you wanted a large cup of coffee, you literally got a large cup of coffee. I think we were there for a couple of hours before heading back home, being quite tired and we wanted to have the museum day the next day. Before that Janika took us to some store (Norwegian stores never fail to impress me, you guys have fruits and vegetables outside???).

Thursday, 22nd of October

First morning in the flat
The next morning we got up quite early because neither of us could really sleep and so we saw the sunrise and everything. Then had nice breakfast and got ready to go and start with exploring the city. Since I really wanted to visit the Munch museum, we took a tram to Oslo S and metro from there to the right place. Munch museum was so great, I was impressed and amazed by how well everything was set up; they had a special exhibition so most of the stuff was Munch AND Vigeland, all of his sculptures next to Munch's sketches! (We later went to Vigeland sculpture park and saw these in real size as well!). Anyway. Moving on.

Munch museum
From there we headed to Natural History museum to see mainly the T-Rex, but other things were cool as well. And so many kids! Also the weather was amazing, it was about 16 degrees so you really didn't even need a jacket. There were a lot of other animals, including peacock Anders and some foxes. Yes. Good. I can totally start writing museum guides in addition to my comedy career if I fail in law.

It was so colourful!
Big and scary
Then from there we took the metro back to Oslo S and walked to Aker Brygge to see for tomorrow where the Latter was, and visit Nobel Peace Center before taking a boat to the musem area (which we couldn't do after all, because it was a summer thing and they didn't have boats there anymore). Nobel Peace Center is a place where you can rather read stuff than to just see stuff, but it was still interesting. The first floor caused super depressing feelings, though, so beware. Other than that, it was super small but very well done and interesting.

Then we decided to have some coffee and something to eat in an Espresso House once again, and since it was sunny, we were sitting outside and it was so amazing. Looking at the port and sun and no worries and just... so much good things around you in general, not to mention the company.

So noble
Aker Brygge
After that we just walked around there a little more before heading to the bus stop to go to Bygdøy area where there are a lot of different museums. We were actually just outside for a bit enjoying the view at first, before we started with Kon-Tiki one, where I obviously couldn't stop quoting "world history in five minutes" ft. Thor Heyerdahl. I think Aylin was so done with me and stopped walking or walked away from me every time I just said as much as "hello" :'D

Framous place called Fram ft. Aylin
Then the next place was Fram, about what my flatmate had told me nice things, so we went there. It was basically a ship for polar expeditions. It was indeed amazing! It had some games as well, one where you could compete the other and I actually pulled a muscle in my leg trying to beat Aylin who was so much better than me! Refelxes are not my thing. Anyway, there were some kids playing some Titanic game or something, but it was so nice! The hall was kind of dark, but you could literally walk around on the ship and look inside and everywhere. Probably my favourite museum we were to!

Some more of Fram
After that we quickly dropped by Maritime museum, but it was closing in 20 minutes, but since we had Oslo passes anyway, we figured we'd give it a look around. It wasn't too exciting, but still, nice to say we were there.

Then we took the bus back, wanting to visit the Viking Ships museum and Folkmuseum, but they were already closed, since it isn't tourism time anymore and they closed at 4 already. :( But, as my mum said, if I ever happen to go back, I have more places to visit. Yeah... If I ever would (nope, I haven't even mentioned February, whoops).

We finally went back to the Oslo S and decided to go and see the opera house, because we still hadn't done that and it was probably the place I was most excited about, sightseeing-touristy wise! I was not disappointed, because even from far it looked amazing and I wanted to run on top of it. Really, it's an architecture masterpiece, that much I can tell you. It was sunny as well, so everything was even more amazing. Really, I can't describe that; so many different blue colours and the feeling and everything. It was just so great. And I just could be happy sitting on top of it for all day. No joke.

Hipster enjoying beauty
We were planning to go to definitely see Crimson Peak in Oslo, so that's what we did next. Went  to Saga cinema, but I tell you... what the heck Norwegians. I'm a spolt Estonian movie-theater wise it appears, because I've never seen such a sad cinema! But no big deal. The movie itself was still very good and not actually scary, just a bit... jumpy. I already saw it again in Estonia as well and I suggest if you like the theme or Tom Hiddleston then definitely just go for it.

After that it was already dark, but before going home, we were just wondering around, ending up at the opera house again. It was so nice in the dark with barely any people, I think we just saw like 3-4. And the sight! I mean, Tallinn is not that small town, biggest in Estonia, but you never see so many lights and so much... so much something that makes you feel small but happy at the same time. I love looking at city lights. And this was the perfect spot. We could even see Holmenkollen ski jump tower from there, especially well in the dark. We were listening to Bad Law by Sondre on top of the Oslo opera house. :)

From top of the opera house!
Of course I was making so much stupid jokes Aylin refused to move at one point and I got even more frustrated... but it was funny. I don't know how she managed to bear with me all this time.

From there we finally decided to go home and I did such a good job finding the right tram stop (I suck at getting around in places so I was really terrified) and we got on a tram... for exactly 2 stops. Because then it stopped and we were just left... somewhere. Aylin talked to the tram driver after everyone had gotten off and he said there are some roadworks and we can just walk 2 stops and get on another tram from there.


Walking around in the dark Oslo at that time, having just a map... it is not as simple as it sounds like. Even if you follow the tram tracks, mind you! Buut finally we almost just by luck ended up in the right place and got home to have some pasta because I was starving.

Friday, 23rd of October

Finally Friday... the day of the Raske Menn... but that comes later. Also... you know the feeling of waking up on a trip and only few days have passed and you still have so much time to do stuff and see stuff and meet people and enjoy the company? Yeah. Everyone should feel like this at all times.

We had decided to go and see Holmenkollen ski jump tower so that's the first place we headed in the morning. We had to take a metro and it was honestly amazing, the train just went up and up to the mountains and all the views were soooo beautiful! Just being on that train would have been enough, but things just got better as we finally reached to Holmenkollen. We got off the train and walked for a bit, breathing everything in.

It was super nice, weather was warm and sunny yet again. First, we just walked around in the ski museum, it had a pool with white balls for kids and we were definitely kids. There were all kinds of ski equipment from different time periods and everything. And then we somehow ended up in one auditiorium and watched a short movie about auroras there as well. It was great, interesting and it was nice to just sit like this for a while. Not to mention it really made me want to go and hunt them. Like... to take pictures, even though I obviously don't know anything about photography.

What a sight!
Then we actually got up to the tower, there were two places/levels, first to look down from where the ski jumpers actually do their scary thing and then even more up, that made you feel as if you are on top of the world. There weren't too many people, but not too few other, but it was still so nice and enjoyable. High places like this are truly great.

So Norway and pretty
Just spending some time there Aylin got in contact with Kasia and told her that we are planning to go to Vigeland sculpture park next, I had also told this to her in the morning and we agreed to meet at the main gates there, so we headed back to the train station, discussing traveling and unreal feel of it all. I honestly still can't figure out how did this thing called Norway happen to me and all... I can just write a whole post ranting about it, lets be honest here.

Vigeland park
We finally made it to the right tram and got to Vigeland sculpture park and met Kasiaaaa. It has been 7 months from the concert, so it was sooo nice! And the park itself as well, obviously. But friends... yes. I loved us meeting and we should meet soon again. We were just walking around there for a bit, there were a lot of other people, but it was okay, weather was still good and it's free to go there. But seriously, I really recommend to get the Oslo pass if you ever happen to travel there.

And when we were done there, we went to Grünerløkka, because I really wanted to visit this one record store, Tiger records (also do recommend!). It was quite difficult to find, but we did, and I got my Young Dreams album, hurrah! Then we had a pizza there, because we were literally starving, and finally went to do check in for Kasia, after what we went to our flat for me and Aylin to get ready for Raske Menn. Wow, isn't this a detailed description of literally everything... not so sorry.

Trying to find places? Piece of cake...
We had tea, had fun, but then things turned serious because we had to go and see the thing that started this trip plan. Okay. So. Yeah. We took a tram back to town and headed to Aker Brygge, straight to Latter. Kasia knew where it were so she knew where to lead us.

What a pretty way to Latter!
It looked so fancy. Seriously. Cool. We went in, left stuff to the wardrobe and found our entrance, after promising to meet up in a certain spot, because we had seats in the freaking first row, as Kasia was sitting a bit farther.

There was no one there. Okay, some people on the side, but other than that, no. So I had to hear Aylin whine about "I'M NOT GONNA SIT HERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIRST ROW IF THERE ARE NO OTHER PEOPLE" for some glorious minutes that just made me laugh so much that I almost forgot I was in the first row as well.

Gosh. Okay. Just like 10 minutes of waiting I think. I could touch the stage. My toes were against it as I was sitting. There was a Norwegian couple next to me. "Yes, now I know when to laugh," I thought to myself as I stared at the curtains.

Aylin told me to look up because there were stars in the ceiling. I almost broke my neck. I remember everything so vividly, but I had this weird feeling as if... I wasn't paying enough attention at the play? Because it was like...? A dream??

Then it started. With some music and stuff and yeah I didn't understand what they said in Norwegian excpet for ikke take pictures. So no pictures. Okay. No sneaky ones too, from the front row especially! And then it was on I just felt so...

Anyway. The first scene was about princess Diana and Calle was there, which immediately meant I couldn't pay attention to ANYTHING that was happening. Anders was in front of us with the piano and I kind of did feel bad for not looking at him, but, well. You know guys. You know.

I soon realised that understanding the language didn't stop me from enjoying the thing and already the first sketch made me laugh so much I can't even explain. Øyvind in his wonderful blue dress, dancing... Well, that just says it all, doesn't it?

I have to say Anders sings so good. But Calle...

I have to say Calle looks so tiny and it's weird because he is tall and skinny but tiny at the same time. Especially next to the others. So smol. My smol Calle. I mean, wow the acting was very nice 10/10 would see again. Yes. Totally. I can also consider writing reviews for money.

I am just thinking of it so much I lost my train of thoughts completely. I should train my brain more. A doomed try of a pun here, hello (I've just arrived in my FANTAAASTIIIC BOAT).

So. Yes. The next thing. Some motivation team thing. I think. Not sure. I just saw them and they were real and nice. Like... yeah. Anyway. Anders is such a sweetheart, that can be seen from the stage. He had a genuine smile and he was just sooo... so... nice. Øyvind has the different kind of humor, being all serious and doing silly things. Stupid things that make you laugh until you are tearing up. And Calle... he has the... crazy kind of humor. The humor that sometimes lefts you wonder if he is okay and if he hurt himself and how can he do all this with such ease and and and I wanna see that again. Damn. I would. If I had the money I would literally go and see it more, because it was amazingly good. It was better than I expected and better than Aylin expected as well.

Ummmm... then.... what else... I don't wanna spoil you... but Calle has such blue eyes...

Back on track, I would like to say it was amazing when they did the scene where they were lying down on the floor and then the screen showed them from above. I remember Øyvind looking towards us several times, probably being worried of hitting us on the head with his feet.

We could see ourselves from the screen.

Then the one where Calle demonstrated different ways of presenting stuff. I kind of screamed when he just jumped out from behind the curtain at one point there.

The birds! I knew Anders was going to mess up the tail part at irritated peacock scene. He did. Calle and Øyvind as birds... Also the urge I felt to tickle Anders' toes when he was just standing half a meter away from us...

Mirror dance. Scarecrows. The one where Øyvind wanted to buy a jacket. DAMN THE ONE WHERE ANDERS PLAYED THE PIANO and had like 4 hands plus wore nice shoes. And when it appeared Calle was helping him... when Calle tore down the curtain and wanted to put it back up, only to hang by his wrists after climbing up the ladder wrong way (apparently it is possible).... damn... lykke til Calle...

Calle with messy hair after he climbed out from under the curtain... the most perfect messy hair goals...

The commercial break where people where raised up from the audience. Literally. When Anders did magic only to show his middle finger. The boat scene. Everything, everything, everything. Monologues. Everything. They better freaking have a DVD of this, I DEMAND. Monologue things. Calle on the phone. Aylin hoping that he wouldn't spit on us.

I should calm down. This is not the place to let my feelings to be free. Okay, it is. And besides, everyone knows how I am. I just... yeah. No. No explanation. So. It was over and I had laughed so much it made me cough.

I deaded.

We headed out and met Kasia, got our stuff and exited the building and... I think that was the point it didn't feel real anymore. Though I could talk to the others and I had proof but you know? UGh. I feel like if I ever am making more sense to myself then I will have to write a new thing about this. Sorry. This sucks. I'm fighting myself in order not to delete it.

We saw Calle's doppleganger as well
We decided to go to our place instead of out somewhere, being quite tired and in my case way too overly excited and also super sad because it was over... also having one too many booklets in my purse... um... but anyway, with a nice company we headed back to the flat. We were just talking and laughing for the rest of the evening, until Kasia went back to her hostel.

Saturday, 24th of October

The next day we got up slighly later, because we had to pick up our car at 13:30 from the Oslo S. (Aylin had rented us a car. And all this just to go and see Lars Vaular live at Moss... which is about 60-70 kilometers from Oslo).

At first we went to Platekompaniet because Aylin was demanding to get Kaizers Orchestra Violeta Violeta albums. And of course I wanted Sondre and maybe something else as well. I ended up getting Sondre's 2 albums and Kaizers Orchestra's one album. Then after that we headed to the car rental place.

The guy there was kind of awkwardly funny, but we got out car and headed straight to Moss, after I'd figured out how to do the navigating thing. Being a DJ - I suck. I mean, yeah. We were kind of confused with some directions and in the end we were just listening to Kaizers, which was amazing though.

Found a person in Moss
Weather was super rainy and cold, but perfect for driving. I literally can't explain why I love being in a car when it's raining so much. We arrived to Moss very soon and left our car next to railway and from there walked around for a bit before wondering where we can eat something, being completely starving.

In the end we found a fancy but cozy place at the shopping mall and decided to sit there, next to a fancy fake fireplace and all. It was so comfy and nice, though a bit expensive, but what in Norway isn't. I suppose the prices were slightly cheaper than in Oslo anyway, after talking about this with my flatmate.

Having fun, are we
After the place was closed, we still had a good 3 hours to kill, because House of Foundation was supposed to open the doors at nine, and Lars was going to play at 10. We figured we can walk around, take stupid pictures and maybe check the right place.

It was indeed very nice, but rainy. We were sitting next to a lake for some time and just talking, before deciding to get the car and maybe park it closer to the House of Foundation. Well. We didn't think we were supposed to remember where we parked it though, so we kind of lost it. Before deciding to actually find it, we went to another cafe place and sat there, having coffee we ordered in Norwegian, because the man didn't understand a word of English.

We talked about just... random things, but I remember this so well and I want to go back so much. Like... first days of elementary school. Stuff we don't know about. After a while, though, we decided it was time to find the car and got going. We managed, ending up on a bridge one level too high, but we got to our precious companion and drove it closer to the concert place. Then we were just sitting and waiting for a bit. :D

When I finally convinced Aylin to go, we were still (very little) too early, because there was no one there (what's the deal though... I would've gone... maybe... it felt so awkward...). We then walked towards the Lerke building that was there and it amused me greatly while Aylin was just... Signe no. As always.

We found a cute courtyard place with a waterfall thing, but it was too dark. After a bit we indeed went into the House of Foundation building and Aylin gave her name, because it was like a vip thing, everyone just had to say a name.

Asking, if we could put our jackets somewhere, we were finally ready to explore the place, which was just... super small. But cool, oldr, with books and pictures and awesome feeling. With a tiny stage, just slightly higher than the floor. But I was already so very excited.

Actually we had to wait quite a bit, because even though House of Foundation told me it will start at 10, Lars was about half an hour late (not that I'm complaining actually). When it finally started though, there were a lot of people, most of them being older than us, and also a lot of guys. I was standing on the left side of the stage, not really in front, but didn't matter. I didn't want to be one of the champaigne-girls anyway. Blergh.

The cult leader aka the big L
Anyway, the music started and someone was on the stage and then Lars and the other back vocals singer walked to the stage from between the crowd as well. Annnnd yeah. I think the first song was Ung Heit Gateflamme and honestly it felt so unreal, because I was in Norway, in some small town, at a concert... for some Norwegian rapper who'se songs translations I have no clue of? Really? And I mean... really? I had all these plans of making Sondre's concert my top priority, but there I was... and I'm extreeemely happy about it DAMN it was amazing!!!

Some more
Aylin had wished me to have fun and kind of stayed back with ladies we titled as wine-mums.

I think it was a cult thing. Still. As she said. But we are a nice cult. I think.

It probably hit me that I was there when the next song, Eg E Fra Bergen came on because... let's be honest... I know it's from 2007 but it's still probably my favourite song. And I couldn't believe he did it here. Live.

All the other songs he played were definitely my favourites as well... Like.... Nonsens... and Det ordinar seg for pappa (which Aylin started loving unbelievingly much, seriously, she is crazy over his songs), and Runaway deathcar... and also Reiving!  And also... Koking... I can't believe he did Koking... I mean, I get it that he did songs like Rett op og ned and the first one and Champagneting... but Koking... the best cooking song... during which he actually made cooking movements facing my direction and it was too much greatness, honestly!!! When will I find my calm?

Also Gary Speeeeeeed. Which everyone sang along until the next song started... and... yeah. He was mostly standing in really front, buuut at one point he did look at the direction I was standing and came there so I could, haha, yeah, freak out because I didn't know the lyrics of that part, be super freaked out because he was totally making eye contact. and be overjoyed of just being there and maybe also... yeah... you know... making sure his hands were warm JUDGE ME all you want. IT WAS SUCH A GOOD SHOW.

He was so tall in real life. And... had such blue eyes? Also, I really like the current look with short hair and clean face I'm sorry but I honestly think it's the best. Khm. I feel like I should at one point write a proper polite and nice review. He was so tall and jumpy and... his stage presence is awesome. He even smiled. Quite a bit...

After the concert... (why don't Norwegians ever do encore?) I didn't have my voice and I could barely hear. I took my sweater I had put on the stage and stumbled towards Aylin who confessed she really liked him live as well. HA. See where you are now.

We walked back to ther car as I was mumbling nonsens and acting as if I was drunk, which is exactly how I felt. I remember that we had salad at 1 am and then I was just grinning and laughing and talking whatever. We went to sleep around 2:30 am, after agreeing to meet the others around... 2 (was it?) near National Theater, because Catherine had also arrived to Oslo on Saturday!

Sunday, 25th of October.

Us all!
After finally dragging ourselves out of bed, we had a nice slow morning, watching shitty TV and talking. We took the car back right before we met up with the others, Kasia, Catherine and Kari. We wanted to go to the same Espresso House where we went on Wednesday, but it was so full of people we couldn't. We settled for the Wayne's Cafe and stayed there for quite a long time, discussing things and people and Norway and IKMY and everything. And how it has already been 7 months since we last met...

We had so much fun, laughing at most random things. I wish I could go back to that moment, so much.

We then went to Oslo S, because Kasia had to go :(. She left from Torp, which is so far from Oslo. We sent her away and felt like part of us had left. Damn. I'm so glad I met you. Honestly. And even though the time we spent together was short, it felt amazing and I'm so glad you came to see Raske Menn and everything. UGH. Feels. Man.

Then me, Aylin and Catherine went to the opera house, we giving her a short made up tour. As always, opera house was too nice to bear and I got so emotional. I really don't even know if I like the area more in the dark or in the light. It's just wonderful at all times, also, Oslo will be the city known for their opera house, for me, and always.

In the end we figured we can go to our flat again! Because it was a nice place to hang out, being quite conveniently located. I really hope Catherine found her way back easily... we did get almost lost at one point. Again.

We listened to the music, talked, watched some TV and I made some weird version of a poor man's pasta. Pasta is life though and all kinds of pasta is good.

It was nice; it honestly felt like home. Despite it being my and Aylin's third time of meeting and Catherine's and us second time, it felt like it had always been like this. We living in the same town, sometimes hanging around in each other's flats. You know? The dream, to be honest.

After Catherine had left, we had to pack and then go to sleep, because wake up was at 6... The sad part ahead.

Monday, 26th of October

We got to the Oslo S quite early, because the trams worked fine again, roadwork was finished. I sent Aylin to her train and almost didn't cry. Just slightly. A bit. I felt empty though, and tried to compensate it with sweets and a muffin I later ate on top of the opera house while waiting for Catherine.

Morning at opera house!
I was alone there. Except for some people who were washing the place. But on top of it - completely alone. At 8:20 am. It was so fresh, sun was out, it was cold, but just so pure and I felt so... well, I was sad because of having to leave but... really. It was magical. I hadn't worried about anything for a week and I just felt so fresh and motivated and happy.

We were supposed to meet with Catherine at 9-9:30, but she slept in :D. In the end we met 10 something and decided to just take tram somewhere and walk around. Which was a terrific idea, since weather was wonderful.

We were both quite quiet though, it felt so much at once; also since I was leaving I had so much to say and I just couldn't start. After spending precious hours together, we once more went to the record store and she found Lars' album which I got as well... oh man, money. But oh man, music!

Then I got train ticket to Rygge and after sitting with her for a while and getting me a sandwich, I had to say goodbye. UGH GOODBYES ARE THE WORST, HONESTLY. Also I just... thank you for enduduring my punny company!

More early mornings at opera house, please!
The trainride was okay, I was almost sure I was on the right train. We passed Ski, then Moss and then it was Rygge stop where I had to take bus to the airport, which I managed, even though I almost missed my stop on a train. I was sitting beside a window, but the prettiest scenery was on the other side. But still, it was honestly beautiful. Saw the exact spot we left our car in Moss and everything...

I was way too early at the airport. Like... I had 4 hours until my gate was supposed to close and even half an hour more before the departure. I was just sitting there, thinking, talking to people online and... feeling that I really wouldn't have minded staying longer. I literally didn't even want to go on a plane.

Which made me cry like half an hour before the boarding it was so silly wth me. And I just had one tissue and couldn't go to the bathroom :'D. It was awful.

Every worker started talking to me in Norwegian after seeing my name.

I had a window seat on the plane. There were lights. I listened to the music and missed Norway even before I left.

I still Moss it.

Thank you!


In the light of the upcoming trip I have to add I'm also going to see Lars Vaular live at Moss, House of Foundations. Thank lord for me having such amazing friend as Aylin who got us tickets knowing how much I want to go. Not to mention we have to rent a car to get there and back. We are going to be only foreigners in the middle of all these Norwegian people.......

Plans (not for proper adult)

You know you are an adult when you decide to not only go to Oslo for Raske Menn but also for IKMY and buy tickets 160 days before the actual thing. Help me.

Sometimes friends from Germany visit you

Hey! Aylin arrived on Monday evening and I went to pick her up, then headed to my place where I gave her these amazingly stupid Vegard’s oven mitts, after what we decided to go back to town to have some dinner. Later at home it was just so very bizarre to have her next to me, answering to my comments and hear her talk??? You know? It didn’t even feel as if it was the second time we met!

We started the next day by going to visit the TV tower, even though I wasn’t exactly sure how to get there… Yes, you have to bear in mind I’m the worst when it comes to directions. I don’t even want to think where I can accidentally end up like this. I’m so very sorry for all the extra walking I made us do!

It is a pretty cool place and gives a nice view, though it is located very… inconveniently if you want to visit it. And there is nothing really interesting around.
After that we had some food and tried to go to visit one abandoned prison, but it was closed, so we headed back home where I continued being amazed and eating awfully lot of amazing German candy. We did check out another creepy dangerous place I do not recommend before that, though:

Theeen the next day I had my internship interview in a caffee and it was awkward but went very well and if my school is fine by it, I will work in a legal bureau for around 3 weeks in the beginning of October. 
After that we headed to Patarei prison again, meeting with my friend Linda, on the way. OOOOOOH. In the morning we had to go by post office, because a crazy wombat had gotten me a SONDRE LERCHE T-shirt and sweater. (I’m still crying.) *shoots an ad for Sondre shirt*

It is super interesting place and I have been there now for… 3 times plus 1 that I didn’t go and walk around. They have different art pieces up from last year when they had an exhibition called “earth without art is just e.h”. It was not without funny incidences, for example there was another visitor in a dark room who took a photo and we all screamed since, well, that was awful. :’)
The exhibition is mostly taken down though, except for the pictures that make it very breathtaking. Some rooms… you just have to see ythem yourself.
After that we went to eat, but it started raining soon and this stopped us from going around in Old Town so we headed home instead and watched a movie and just were lazy. I love the days where you can do something exciting, but also relax and enjoy doing nothing.

The next day we had rented a car to go to a few places out of public transport reach! Very important picture of our companion:

Also, I don’t have a driving lisence so Aylin did the driving as I tried to read the map. TRIED to. But I could pick music, we listened to Ylvis so much and it was very very lovely.
We headed to Rummu quarry that also has sand mountains next to it. Of course we used the GPS and ended up in a road that was very bad, offroad, I was panicking very much while Aylin was having fun. We almost got stuck on mud and were worried about the car. :’D There were others as well and having some discussions we figured to get back on the main road and see if we can find a better access. Which we did!

This was the sign welcoming us. Now, Rummu quarry is another prison. Or rather, was. Nowdays it is a popular site for swimming and jumping from the buildings, though it is dangerous and a lot of people have hurt themselves. Diving is very interesting there and near the walls, water is 4 meters deep. I’m not a good swimmer, but I did swim there, even though you can just take a few steps before you won’t reach the ground. It is also quite cold, but since the weather was hot… perfect.
We just stayed there for a few hours during which I managed to burn my face terribly and looked like a panda. Not a pretty one, at that! And when it got a bit cold, we just changed clothes and decided that… yep. 

We should climb those. So we found a better place for it, after seeing people on top of the mountains. *casually makes an ad for Sondre’s sweater*

So we did climb around there. It was amazing. Look at that!

We were quite tired, but decided to go and visit a Keila-Joa waterfall, since it is a cool place where I’d never been to, and quite close to the quarry place as well! On the way there we spotted a plane. On the field. (Which we later found and visited, obviously).

Oh hey there. So here I am just standing in a pond, right? WRONG.

Aren’t those amazing pictures? Aylin is a super great photographer. Also, the place was amazing. You could get very close to the waterfall and feel the drops of water on your face, even. Which was very nice, considering my burnt faceee.
After that we headed back home, but stopped near the plane, after asking help to locate it. It belongs to Estonia’s toy plane club! She captured this young boy being very excited over the plane, much like us. We got to go in, since some old man was there and let us; we also could climb to the back of the plain where a person with an automatic… gun thing was located, since it was a Soviet cargo plane and used to carry war stuff. Oh wow, my vocabulary amazes me.

Then home and we were too tired to stay awake much longer than 10! Though before that we stopped and got a pizza (with pineapples, or rather, painapples, am I right?).

Second day with a car. We decided to go to Viru swamp, though it is a bit farther even than Rummu and we had to take the car back by 3. But it was surely worth it! It is located in a national nature park in Northern Estonia as well, but completely the other direction from the places we visited on the previous day.

There are those small swamp lakes with super clean water that look black when you look in them, or blue when the sun is shining like that. You can also go swimming there, which we sadly couldn’t. This time.

We hiked, well, walked, to the watchtower which was like… a few kilometers away from where we started (3,2 to be exact, I looked it up!). It was nice, sunny, beautiful. And we met so many German tourists! Actually, I think Aylin talked to other tourists more than I did since everyone somewhy knew German!
After this we had to return the car, which was fine, despite the awful road we took to Rummu. And then went home where Aylin cooked me pasta and it was very nice to just hang out. Discuss stuff. Embarrass each other. Also I don’t remember when, but we watched an hour of Sondre’s performance. I had to mention it, you understand!

The next day we decided to visit Bastion tunnels and I booked us a time. Bastion tunnels are tunnels under Tallinn. We had a short tour there, just an hour or so and it was very fast so we couldnt’t really get any nice pictures. But it was a cool place; in both how it looked and temperature-wise, since it was only 10 degrees; considering it was about 26 outside. It was still pretty nice and interesting, since the tour started from 2014 and ended in sometime 1200. (We went back in time :’).)
After that we just walked around in Old Town and visited those watching platforms we wanted to visit already earlier. Again, I’m a bad guide, but we found nice places, still. Also, GPS is a lifesaver.

Look at this. I had no idea Tallinn looks so nice, but apparently it does!

At one point Aylin decided to buy me a sunflower. I wonder why… (no I don’t).

So there is that. Later we decided to film the question and answer video (which is still not up, I knooow, I’ve been working for so many days straight, I’m sorry!). And drink something. Tequila, to be honest. It was the worst idea ever, though it was still fun. Again, thank you for hanging out with us on tinychat! Please let’s do that again but without alcohol.

I felt very ill. Oh gosh, that was horrible. :’D So we enjoyed our time at home, even talked to Dilan on skype, cooked, just went for a walk when it was already dark outside. I could feel myself getting sad already as well, so it was not a nice day. Though we did book tickets for Oslo, picked out Airbnb flat and everything! So… Oslo, here we come. If we were famous, I would say you could meet us if you want to. Not nice was also the next day, 17.08. We slept for quite a long time and then filmed a new Q and A video since the other was too long thanks to your challenge things. :D And we made pancakes (unable to eat them…). And then packed and then… yeah, went to airport and it was so sad I’m feeling sad again god damn it.

So here we are. Ready (or not) for October!

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